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Katalog Berbagai Jenis Koral

  1. Acropora- Staghorn Corals
  2. Anemones
  3. Corallimorphs- Mushroom Anemones
  4. Euphyllids- Hammer, Torch, Bubble, Elegance
  5. Faviids- Moon and Closed Brain Corals
  6. Fungiids- Disc and Mushroom Corals
  7. Giant Clams- Tridacna and Hippopus
  8. Gorgonians
  9. Large Polyp Stoneys
10. Montipora
11. Mussids- Acans and Open Brain Corals
12. Pectinids- Challice and Spiny Cup Corals
13. Pocilloporids- Birdnest, Catpaw
14. Polyps
15. Small Polyp Stoneys
16. Soft Corals-Finger, Devil's hand and Toadstool Leather
17. Zoanthids